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Welcome to British Wool and Crafts online.

Welcome to the British Wool and Crafts online website where you will find extensive links and information on all forms of British wool, their products and crafts online.

The story of wool began long ago, before recorded history when primitive man first clothed himself in the woolly skins, of the wild sheep he killed for food. He had discovered a durable fabric which gave him what nothing else could give: protection alike from heat and cold, from wind and rain. A versatile fabric which kept him cool in the heat of the day and warm in the cold of the night, which could absorb moisture without feeling wet.

Man can never match it. No other material, natural or man-made, has all its qualities. But man can refine and improve wool. He has done so by selective breeding of sheep and by incorporating in wool fabrics such qualities as shrink resistance, durable creasing and pleating, mothproofing, shower-proofing and stain-proofing.

Science and technology have kept wool in the forefront of fabrics, adapting to modern needs without impairing its virtues. Wool is part of Britain's history and heritage, more so than any other commodity ever produced in these islands. It was woven into cloth here in the Bronze Age which began about 1900 BC. But in historical terms this is comparatively recent. Elsewhere in the world, primitive man had domesticated the sheep in 10 000 BC.

Cardmakers and papercraft enthusiasts can find all sorts of bits and bobs to feed their creative habit. From ribbons and bows to puffy bears and crystallina strands, we're sure you'll find something you like. And if by chance you can't, just email us with your suggestions.

Milk is both nutritious and delicious. The Milk has a rich, bland, slightly sweet taste. It is much higher in total solids  than either cow or goat milk and contains up to twice as many of the minerals like calcium, phosphorus and zinc and the all important B group Vitamins. It is sold both fresh and frozen in pint or 500 ml. packs and keeps well for at least 4 months in a deep freeze. The sheep could be milked (and still is, in many parts of the world). When it shed its fleece this could be spun and woven into cloth. Man soon realized that to kill the sheep for its meat alone was a waste of food and material. And once he became a shepherd with the help of his friend the dog- probably the only animal to be domesticated before the sheep- he soon devised a method of producing clothing from the fleece.

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